ID (*)




1 Asia Cover Market 00:28 Natural Ambience Chang Rai - day market placed in open structure with iron roof Indoor
2 Asia Far Village 01:19 Natural Ambience Thailand - village tribe, far miking Outdoor
3 Asia Float Market 00:57 Natural Ambience Damnoen Saduak - floating market on board pirogue, morning Outdoor
4 Asia Monastery 00:27 Natural Ambience Thailand - monastery bells and open monastery environment Outdoor
5 Asia Restaurant 00:40 Natural Ambience Bankok - restaurant, Ko Ratanakosin, afternoon Indoor
6 Asia TukTuk 00:37 Natural Ambience Bankok - on board tuk tuk stop at red light in a cross street City track
7 German Fair 00:30 Natural Ambience Frankfurt - local fair Outdoor
8 Italy Restaurant 01:20 Natural Ambience Riviera - restaurant background, evening Indoor
9 Italy Riviera 00:42 Natural Ambience Genoa - harbour sunday fair background, early afternoon Outdoor
10 Italy Traffic 01:13 Natural Ambience Traffic citytrax, some voices, morning City track
11 S. America City Background 00:46 Natural Ambience Brazil - Sao Paulo city background, residential area, traffic City track
12 S. America Indoor 01:00 Natural Ambience Indoor restaurant and commercial mall Indoor
13 S. America Market 00:39 Natural Ambience Brazil - Sao Paulo sunday market Outdoor
14 S. America Outdoor 00:28 Natural Ambience Brazil - Sao Paulo walking street and city park environment Outdoor
15 S. America Traffic 00:28 Natural Ambience Uruguay - Montevideo downtown citytrax traffic City track
16 Spain Citytrax 01:14 Natural Ambience Madrid - downtown, car pass-by from porphyry ground to asphalt, medium speed traffic background City track

(*) Each ID contains the 5.1separated channels audio files