RENAISSANCE Surround Tools consist in a number of software tools developed by Riccardo Mazza either for the production of the Renaissance SFX library, either for the activities of Renaissance Sound Technologies that include surround sound sonorization of special events (Martini, Fila, Fiat, TNT just to name a few), applications of sound spatialization and interaction with sensor-based technologies (museums, acquariums, entertainment parks, etc.), development of surround listening environment for recreational areas, etc.

Many other applications and tools are under development at now: film scoring in 5.1, old movies audio-restoration, virtual set surround technology in real time, DVD productions, etc.

For news about Renaissanceí activities, please check the What's new area.

Like X-Techniques, RENAISSANCE Surround Tools have been created for the entertainment industry and they use many of the psychoacoustic laws in order to get maximum audience impact. They are not intended and they havenít been tested for medical or scientific purposes.

The RENAISSANCE Surround Tools are mainly used during the post-pro stage, but they can be very creative tools for film scoring as well. Their purpose is to get a complete and deep surrounding environment from stereo or even mono recorded source material, MIDI samplers and synthesizers, bass enhancement, vocals, choirs, ensembles, guitars etc.

The main RENAISSANCE Surround Tools cover actually: spatialization, bass management, surround positioning etc.
Spatialization is handled by Matrix (3 versions); bass management is controlled either by Matrix or the dedicated LFE-Synt; positioning is handled by 3D Total Surround (3DTS) stand alone application.

Matrix and LFE-S are both DSP based plug-ins developed in Creamware Scope DSP programming environment.
3DTS is a Macintosh stand alone application. It has been developed using Max and MSP programming environment and itís also ASIO compatible for real time field applications.

More tools are actually under development as well as a number of other softwares for real time sensor based technology and live events surround applications.