In this unique multi-CDROM package you will find 4 CD-ROMs containing the best original surround recordings from RENAISSANCE SFX remastered in 5.1 by using Renaissance Sound Technologies' proprietary psychoacoustic software applications.

Created and designed especially for 5.1 surround production, the RENAISSANCE 5.1 Sound Effects Library uses Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1 name estensions, enabling any user equipped with Pro Tools 5.1 version to load a 5.1 track just as a single audiofile. Besides these special features, of course the RENAISSANCE 5.1 Sound Effects Library meets the requirements of all professionals involved into 5.1 surround production.

All files are 24bits 48kHz remixed from the original recordings where special miking techniques had been involved for a natural and impacting surround sound (please check the Tech Area "X-Techniques" on Renaissance website). All files are .aiff mastered for full PC compatibility as well.

Tracks of CD-ROMs n.1, 2, 3, include mostly natural 3D environments like citytrax, nature, people etc. while CD-ROM n.4 is dedicated entirely to LFE channel, providing tracks created with special sub-harmonics Renaissance's software tools.

The new RENAISSANCE 5.1 Sound Effects Library is the ideal and perfect complement of the RenaissanceSFX Dolby Surround Encoded Library, providing high quality and ready to use 5.1 sfx and backgrounds.