1. Is RENAISSANCE 5.1 designed only for Digidesign Pro Tools users?
No, RENAISSANCE 5.1 is designed for all professionals working in 5.1 production. RENAISSANCE 5.1 Sound Effects Library uses Digidesign Pro Tools 5.1 name estensions, enabling any user equipped with Pro Tools 5.1 version to load a 5.1 track just as a single audiofile, but above mentioned, besides these special features, of course the RENAISSANCE 5.1 Sound Effects Library meets the requirements of all professionals involved into 5.1 surround production.

2. Which is the file format of the RENAISSANCE 5.1 CD-ROMs?
All files are .aiff mastered for full PC compatibility. The encoding is 24 bits 48kHz which is the starting point for converting in lower formats (20 bits, 16 bits, 44kHz..)

3. Does RENAISSANCE 5.1 contain the same sound effects of Renaissance SFX Library?
RENAISSANCE 5.1 contains the best original surround recordings from RENAISSANCE SFX remastered in 5.1 by using Renaissance Sound Technologies' proprietary psychoacoustic software applications.
The RENAISSANCE 5.1 sound effects are also 24 bits 48kHz encoded for the best digital audio quality.

4. How to use the Renaissance 5.1 series in a Pro Tools environment?

The 5.1 CD sets are composed by 3 CD Rom of spatialized environmental sounds (i.e. citytrax, jungle, engines, nature etc.) + 1Cd of Subwoofer Fxs (tremors, explosions etc.).

Fxs are in .aff 48Khz 24bits and they use digidesign PT 5.1 name extension for each fx (.L, .R, .Ls, .Rs, .C and .LFE).

This means that all you have to do is the following:

1) Create your session (faster if .aiff 24/48KHz, but anyway PT will automatically convert the fxs in any of your current format).

2) Import audio from your CD-Rom. In each CD-Rom you will find a folder named the fx (i.e. Horse on gallop). Opening the folder you will find the 6 files named with PT 5.1 name extension (Horse on gallop.L, Horse on gallop.R, Horse on gallop.Ls etc.). Just select them all and click done.

3) You'll be asked to locate your current session Audio File folder (the CD Rom track will be automatically copied and/or converted to your session format into that folder).

4) Now you are ready to go. Just create a 5.1 audiotrack and place the loaded fx from the region list on it. Infact thank's to PT name extension once imported, your fx will appear as a single name into the region list instead of 6 separate files.

The Renaissance 5.1 sounds cover the best natural surrounding environments originally recorded on location and remixed from the Renaissance SFX Dolby Surround library.

They do not include motion like fxs (swish, swosh etc.). This kind of Fxs are included in the Renaissance SFX Dolby Surround library.where they are stereo Dolby Surround encoded.

Try to use Renaissance SFX Dolby Surround sounds during 5.1 productions too since the motions are very deep and immersive. A detailed explanation (supported by a number of PT session templates) on how to use the dolby lib on 5.1 production is downloadable at our site (PT templates).

The 5.1 lib will enable you to get real natural 5.1 immersive environments in minutes!!!