1. How should I use the RENAISSANCE library in my productions?
The RENAISSANCE library comes on a standard audio CD. You may import the track you need into your audio workstation or computer as you would normally do with any other CD. Keep in mind that if you are using a computer based recording system, some audio extractor software systems are not perfectly phase correlated and you might loose some of the surround channel information. In this case it is always preferable to record the track via S/PDIF (recommended) or analog A/D.

2. Is it possible to reverse the Left and Right channels in order to swap a sound from one speaker to the other?
Yes, you can always swap the left and right channels without affecting the center and surround channels. You must only make sure that the software you are using won't alter the phase of the stereo audio file.

3. How can I hear the surround effect if I have no a Pro logic decoder?
The surround channel is always present since it's encoded in the stereo tracks, of course it would be difficult to tell which components will be in the surround track without a Pro logic decoder. However in the sound description you can read, the exact motion of the sound effects along all LCRS channels. Moreover, since the RENAISSANCE library has been realized by means of psycho acoustic technologies, you can still get the perception of the movements even if you are just listening in stereo.

4. Can I mix the RENAISSANCE surround sounds into my stereo production?
Of course you can! The RENAISSANCE surround library has been designed to be used in your stereo production and transform it into a surround production. What happens is that your stereo production will mainly play through the left, right and central speaker, while the effects from the RENAISSANCE library will give the full surround motion. Since in the library you find many tools to produce music in surround, too, you will be able to decide by yourself the degree of "surround" you want in your production.

5. How should I keep the levels of the surround fx comparing to the background music?
All RENAISSANCE sound effects have been optimized for the best possible performance and dynamic balance along all channels. In most cases you will get the best results if you place them flat without any additional compressor or dynamic processor. Just compare in stereo and mix at your taste.

6. Can I use my normal sound processors on the fx without affecting the surround channel?
It depends on the processor you are using. Remember that the main processing affecting the surround channel is the phase shift, so you must make sure that the processor you are using is phase correlated.

7. What kind of processing would you suggest in order to maintain the most of the original RENAISSANCE fx?
Beside the usual mastering processors that you normally apply to your master, some Eq will generally be everything you need.

8. What about digital reverbs for adding more surround ambience?
You will find many sounds in the RENAISSANCE library suitable for long ambience situations. Keep in mind that most reverb units do alter that phase in order to achieve a better stereo result. In this case the result on the surround encoded sound is not predictable. In general if you are monitoring through a Pro logic decoder, feel free to experiment various situations, while if you are listening through a stereo system it is better not to apply any reverb, delay or other effects that may alter the surround balance since you won't be able to predict the result obtained in a surround environment.

9. May I use the library to create a soundtrack for a product (DVD, CD-ROM, Video game, Movie, etc.) distributed and sold worldwide in many copies or do I have to pay additional license fees?
By purchasing the library you acquire the non-exclusive right to use the library for any product you want without having to pay any additional fees even if distributed and sold in many copies worldwide. The only limitation is that you are not entitled to duplicate or resell the RENAISSANCE SFX CDs, to make separate CD collections of the RENAISSANCE SFX CDs or resell its audio contents for other library production.