The LFX is part of surround tools. This software has been developed in order to extract the fundamental harmonic in the low end of a musical track and recreate an LFE track for the sub woofer channel in 5.1 productions.

The LFX derives its algorithms by LFE synth and Matrix tools.
It has been developed for the Renaissance SFX library CD n. 11 (Drama Strings Series) in order to provide a precise LFE track for each RCE recording. Future applications are under development as well.

Unlike the LFE synth, the LFX sub harmonics are derivated from the original take thus creating a pleasant and natural light LFE track that match exactly the music structure of source track.

Due to its harmonic and natural content, the LFX track can be used to reinforce the low end of the stereo Dolby Surround track as well. In fact most Prologic decoders provide a subwoofer cross-overed output.

The LFX tracks provide frequency with its best energy between 40 and 120 Hz with a psychoacoustic range below 30 Hz.

LFX tracks are dynamic. Since they are effective part of the original tracks they match their time and volume variations. Just layer the LFX track under its original and balance volumes as you like, you may then assign the LFX to the LFE output of your 5.1 console or pan in stereo for Dolby Surround crossover subwoofer applications.