If you donít own an ASIO multiout board, in order to use 3DTS you need to own a dedicated mixing hardware capable of controlling the volume of audio sources via MIDI Control Change (BxH).

For best results we suggest to use it controlling a Digidesign Pro Tools TDM equipped with a Pro Control unit in CS-10 emulation (see your Pro Tools manual for configuration and details). Moreover you have to decide Ė in accordance with the capability of your audio board or automation console - how many speakers you are going to place for your surround mix (8 speakers max) and how many audio sources will act indipendently on those speakers (8 speakers max). For example using a Yamaha Pro-mix 02 console the speakers will be connected to the aux outs and the lines will be the physical inputs of the console (either digital or analog) that will be routed to the auxes. So if you decide i.e. to use just 4 speakers, you will connect them to the aux out 1-4 of the Promix and you'll be able to use up to 8 channel inputs whose aux sends 1-4 will be indipendetly controlled by the 3DTS software via MIDI. If you instead do not own a digital console with routing capability, but a mere VCA MIDI controlled audio module (such as NICHE or Mackie Automation) you need to connect, for each line, the corresponding device's output for that speaker.