3D Total Surround (3DTS) is a stand alone application capable of creating a multi-speaker based Surround system controlling some audio mixing devices such as Yamaha Promix consoles, Mackie automation, Digidesign Pro Tools (or any other mixing environment MIDI compatible) or using any of the supported ASIO multioutput boards.

Due to OMS 2.x flexibility it is also possible to run a compatible sequencers in background (such as Logic Digital Performer, etc.) to record the MIDI events generated from the 3DTS software for later editing and playback.

3DTS has been specifically developed to create a full dimensional and dynamic surround environment from small to large halls. Its best use is during 5.1 (or any other surround) mixing production but it can be employed also toward musical applications like live performances, avantgarde, showcases etc.

The software allows you to control up to 8 speakers and 8 independent lines in real time and it’s capable of direct recording of generated movements into its internal sequencer at high resolution for later or repetetive use. A detailed explanation will follow on later chapters.

3D Total Surround software has been originally written by Riccardo Mazza for its Interactive Music Show in 1997, and it has been extensively used in the surround mixes for the “Renaissance Dolby Surround Encoded Library”.


3DTS can be successfully used by contemporary artists or producers for a most creative impulse in the direction of multi channel spatializing techniques.

The 3DTS algorithms regarding the surround curves reactions, are based on a personal psychoacoustic research toward a better achievement on musical and/or entertainment programs and they are not intended in any case for scientific or medical measurement uses.